15 sep 2011

Nigerian MC LOPH is no more!

MC LOPH, a young talented Nigerian musician of Igbo descent has passed on. When we miss the warmt of Igboland in this far-away Europe, Tonia and I turn to MC LOPH's music. His music and acts are funny and clever and they embody the Igbo love of life, warmt and industry. Obiajulu Nwaozo aka MC LOPH represents for us, a resilient generation that refused to give in to the neglect by Government of their talents, dreams and aspirations. MC and many like him is a pointer to the CULTURAL & ARTISTIC greatness of Niigeria that has elluded us for so long on account of bad governance rotten politics. MC died in a car accident on the notorious Benin - Öre Expressway in Nigeria. This is one death too many on an important Expressway on which millions of Dollars of public funds have been "INVESTED" by succesive Governments with nothing to show for it: CORRUPTION. My brother, REST IN PEACE!

For more on the death and some footages of his musical video, click on the link below:


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