22 dec 2014

The Single UK Story of EU Migration

It is argued that EU workers undermine the existing terms and conditions in Britain, by working longer hours or for less than the minimum wage. Instead of scapegoating EU migrant workers, dealing with unlawful practices by UK employers would seem more reasonable Over the past six months I have watched British Prime Minister David Cameron get more and more desperate as he argues and loses the debates on EU migration and EU integration. I do not want to be in the man's shoes especially as a general election looms. The points of his arguments on both matters have been largely incoherent, sometimes simplistic and populist yet he has not managed to sway the massive number of conservative voters in their exodus to the nationalist party, UKIP. Let me tell you what I know about the Prime Minister's arguments that appear credible. I know a very good number of Anglophone sub-Saharan African migrants in mainland Europe, who relocate to the United Kingdom as soon as they naturalize and hold the EU citizenship. The pull factor for these migrants is not the UK social security. It is the language, English and the ease it offers them to retrain or further their studies and go ahead to secure gainful employment. So when I watch David Cameron and his agents on tele telling the world that the migrants are there to drain the social security purse, I node in disagreement because I know it is untrue.      This morning, I read a new study by the Oxford Institute of Social Policy which in very few words has debunked the Cameron public purse drain myth. The study tells us that it is "plausible that the contributions by EU migrant citizens outweigh the cost, as they tend to be younger than the average British citizen. Moreover, the NHS has directly benefited from intra-EU migration, as the significant domestic skill shortage was partially compensated for by EU immigration. British pensioners in receipt of a state pension abroad, posted workers, and temporary visitors to other Member States who hold an European Health Insurance Card receive healthcare on the same terms as nationals from the "host" Member State, which can then seek reimbursement?" Read more in the attached paper.



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